Michael always rocks                                                                       Bombay Times | 12/11/2003
The ability to read a game situation and the way I go about building totals are my strong points, Michael Bevan tells Martin D'Souza

Which Indian city you like the best and why?
I think Mumbai. I guess there is a lot of water in Mumbai. The city is well lit up. A little hot, though.

You have made a name for yourself with hard running between the
wickets, what other aspect of cricket is your strong point?

I suppose more awareness to the game situation. In a One-day match, working out how I'm going to get totals and how I'm going to go about it.

Your best One-day knock till date?
Probably the match against New Zealand in Australia in the 2001 series where we needed to win to make the final. I scored a 100 there. I was pretty happy with the way I hit them.

The Aussies are known to be great mates. What's the secret of your togetherness?
I think we guys are honest with each other. If there is a problem we deal with it. More importantly, we enjoy each other's company.

Any weak link in the Aussie armoury? I mean, areas where you guys
think the opposition can get you?

There are not many instances when we think we cannot win the match or can't save a match. That's probably just the way we think.

How do you rate Matthew Hayden as a cricketer?
I think he is a very good cricketer. He is on top of the Australians. He is a good player in all conditions. He has had a very good time the last couple of years.

How did you meet your wife, Tracy?
We met while I was in England playing club cricket.

And how long have you been married?
I better get this one right [laughs]. Since 1997.

What would you like your daughter, Olivia, to be when she grows


What do you think about the Aussie art of sledging?
I guess there is some truth to it and there is some media build up as well. Realistically, it is going to be taken out of Australia's hands. The ICC obviously has formulated a code of conduct. It will probably affect the number of world teams and in the next couple of years the game's probably going to change.

Three World Cup finals in a row, two back-to-back wins and a
consistent winning habit. How do you guys manage to do that?

I think we have a good breeding ground. Our first class cricket is very good, we have strong competition. We also have a good identification programme and when the guys play for Australia there is a lot of involvement in working things out with the players.


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