Brett rocks the house                                                                         Bombay Times | 27/4/2000
Did you know the Aussie pace bowler is part of a band and has cut
five albums?

Brett Lee's fingers move expertly over the piano and caress the fretboard with the elegance with which he holds the red cherry. If batsmen hear the sound of timber, his audiences revel in the music he plays. Brett is a good musician, but cricket is his first love. `Six and Out', the band which he plays for, made up of New South Wales players and brother Shane, just finished a long Australian tour last weekend. "In the last four years, we've released five albums," reveals Brett, who does back-up singing besides playing bass guitar.

The Aussie speedster, who's in the city for a promotional event, has varied musical taste and admits that it's difficult to say which is his favourite genre. "If it's a period when I feel stressed, I like to listen to classical music," says Brett, who's
an avid rock fan, too. He admits he doesn't know to read music. "I play it by ear. The guitar, I learnt on my own. What I know of the piano is thanks to my younger brother, Grant."

Music may have been dominant at home with his dad listening to classical music, mother playing the piano and Grant a qualified pianist. But, says Brett, "I told mum and dad when I was nine that there were two things I wanted when I grew up; one was to be the fastest bowler in the world and the second was to play for

Ask him whether he favours the guitar or the piano, and Brett says, "I love playing the piano when I'm on tour. It's always there in the hotel. As for the guitar, it's really good as the guys can join in singing after a Test win."

And what's the secret of Australia's success? "Without giving too much away, I think the secret is that we are great mates. We nurse and take care of each other. And we believe in each other, too."

Finally, has he heard about Munaf Patel, the pacer who's been making waves at the Bangalore camp? Surprisingly, Brett replies in the positive. "I read about him on the flight. I believe he has good potential and if he comes through with all his
potential, if people back him up and believe in him, he will be good for Indian cricket."

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