Readying for the kill Bombay Times | 23/8/2003
    Imran and Naseema Mirza have a 15-month plan which they have
put into action. A plan that will come into fruition when
their celebrated daughter, will turn 18 in November 2004. "That's
when we will strike out," says Imran, who now wants his champ to
concentrate on the senior level participation. Imran, who left ....

    `We must learn to be ruthless' Bombay Times | 8/7/2003
    Hockey hero Viren Rasquinha believes a no-mercy attitude will
take the Indian team places.He's a wiry 22-year-old, but packs a mean push with that 22-ounce hockey stick from midfield. Meet
Viren Rasquinha, Mumbai's star from the marauding Indian hockey team..
    The decline and fall of the cricketing empire Bombay Times | 27/4/2000
    Imagine Sachin Tendulkar and Saurav Ganguly walking in to open
the innings with Wasim Akram and Shoiab Akhtar set to open the
bowling for Pakistan.

    Brett rocks the house Bombay Times | 27/4/2000
    Did you know the Aussie pace bowler is part of a band and has cut
five albums?
Brett Lee's fingers move expertly over the piano and caress the fretboard with the elegance with which he holds the red cherry. If batsmen hear the sound of timber, his audiences revel in the music he plays...
    Michael always rocks Bombay Times | 12/11/2003
    The ability to read a game situation and the way I go about
building totals are my strong points, Michael Bevan tells Martin D'Souza
    Run Moses Run Men and Women | 2/3/2003
    It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Edwin Moses. And he leaves Martin D'Souza short-winded after a marathon chat.
    'Dhanraj was crying with happiness' Bombay Times | 12/10/2002
    Hockey star's mother is on cloud nine after he steered India into
Asian Games final
    Going Bananas Bombay Times | 19/2/1997
    Strange are the things nature induces one to do when advantage
in a game seems to be slipping away; foolish are the few who let
these circumstances affect their mental equilibrium;
    Master vs Blaster: Bedi pitches it in Sachin's half Bombay Times | 20/11/2002
  Bishen Singh Bedi, one of Indian cricket's spin wizards of yesteryear, was always outspoken about his views on the game. His tenure as manager of the team that toured New Zealand in early

    37 and a hazhar runs to score! Bombay Times | 15/1/2000
    On February 8, 2000, Mohammed Azharuddin, deposed skipper of the Indian team will celebrate his 37th birthday. So does that mean
it is the end of the road for him? Far from it....
    That's what friends are for Bombay Times | 17/4/2000
    Sachin Tendulkar describes his friendship with Vinod Kambli as
being "very, very special." Kambli, on his part says, "It's
unbreakable." Those who have been close to the two swear
    `In cricket, there are good times and bad' - Vinod Kambli Bombay Times | 27/11/1999
    Does one feel sad about the fate that has befallen Vinod Ganpat
, one- time star on the rise, now star on the wane? While
there are those who will say that Kambli has only got what he
asked for, there are many...
    Inshallah, it's time my cup overfloweth: Azhar Bombay Times | 7/5/1999
    Even before he could leave Indian shores for the World Cup in England, the call for Mohammed Azharuddin to step down as captain reached a crescendo from many corners, especially after the defeats at the...  
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