I’m a fighter! Bombay Times | 10/2/2005

I paid the price for a new Amisha and I’m enjoying it, Amisha Patel tells Martin D’Souza

    Arbaaz Khan : I am quite happy with the way things are shaping up today
    I don’t have any disillusionments as such. I think there were not many roles which I wanted to do that were coming my way...  
    `You see a Boman in every character I play'   Bombay Times | 7/6/2004
    With a spate of releases lined up, Boman Irani is set to be a
regular fixture on the silver screen
    Katrina minds her language  Bombay Times | 23/6/2003
    The new `it' girl is brushing up on her Hindi, but says films are
not the only thing on her mind
    Lara’s magic! Bombay Times | 27/4/2000
    I’m very harsh on my self, I know I can do a lot better, Lara Dutta tells Martin D’Souza
    “I don’t know how to act’   Bombay Times | 10/1/2005
    Bollywood babe Priyanka Chopra who’s been creating a stir says that she still has a long way to go in her career
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