Lara’s magic!                          Bombay Times |2/3/2005

I’m very harsh on my self, I know I can do a lot better...

If you have loved her energetic item number in Khakee, 'Aisa Jaado...', you’ll applaud her performance in Jurm. To say that Lara Dutta is the hero of the film would not be an understatement. You love her, then begin to hate her and by the time the movie enters its last reel, you end up feeling sorry for her. It’s Lara Dutta at her best.

But the former Miss Universe, who has been inundated with congratulatory messages for her paisa vasool performance is her own biggest critic. “I would give my self 5 out of 10, for Jurm,” she laughs. “I’m very harsh on myself. After Andaaz , this is another role that has given me a hell of a chance to perform. I think now I know what I’m capable of. I have bettered the work I have done in Jurm in my forthcoming films. All I can say is that I’m happy with it, but it’s not the best I can do. I can still do a lot more.”

The beauty queen is happy that her performance is being appreciated but she says that she would be happier if the film does well. “As an artiste, it gives you immense satisfaction if your performance is appreciated but right now it would be fantastic if the film would do well,” she says, pleased as a punch.

Lara is thankful to the producer Ashish Singh and director Vikram Bhatt for convincing her to take on the role. “Honestly speaking, I had said yes and then I had second thoughts about it and it was because of their convincing that I finally agreed decided to take on the movie.”

Quiz her if she would do what Sanjana (her character in Jurm) did in real life, and she lets out a hearty laugh. “I don’t know. I’m not thinking about marriage right now.” Talking about bonding with another Miss India, Gul Panag, who alse gives a stellar performance, Lara says, “It was huge fun working with Gul. I won Miss India after her and she is really sweet and hard working.”

Coming up next is a laugh riot called No Entry and another film with Bobby Deol called Dosti.

For those who were fida over her energetic 'Aisa Jaado' dance, Jurm, has even more energy packed into it. Who says beauty queens are just glam dolls?

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