Katrina minds her language                             Bombay Times |23/6/2003

The new `it' girl is brushing up on her Hindi, but says films are not the only thing on her mind

It would not be wrong to call Katrina Kaif the `Pied Piper' of the glam scene. As of today, she has the world at her feet. Twenty-something, with a well-toned body, clear-complexion and a winning attitude. She knows it and she flaunts it. It's no surprise then that the model from London who came for a short stint in India has photographers, choreographers, producers and
directors making a beeline to her doorstep.

And this even before Boom, her first film has been released. So what has the girl in question to say about the furore she has created? "You never know why one is successful and why one is not," says Katrina, absolutely at ease with herself. "I guess once a look catches on, it just grows on people. Here, people want a new face. Also, there was that international angle to it. I guess, every once in a while people find a face they like and luckily I clicked."

She may have said it in all modesty, but fashion photographer Atul Kasbekar has another view on Katrina's booming success. "There are models and there are models. Some project and some don't. A supermodel is someone who is adept at all aspects, be it ramp, television, press ads, films... They have that IT quality. You cannot put your finger on it. But you know there is star value instantly."

Going a step further, Kasbekar puts it in proper perspective. "There was a sudden dearth of supermodels and the entry of Yana Gupta and Katrina livened things up."

Katrina, however, has her feet firmly on the ground. Even though the hype around her is huge, she is sensible enough to admit to her shortcomings and has refrained from signing any film projects. For her Hindi surely is a hindrance. Point it out to her and she laughs. "That is definitely one of the reasons why I haven't signed any films, even though producers and directors have said it's not a problem. My Hindi is manageable but I want to make sure I'm ready with everything, even my frame of mind. A movie takes a lot of concentration. It's damn hard to do a film. It is not like modelling. Your mind has to be there."

Right now, things are hunky-dory for this doe-eyed beauty. The modelling assignments are rolling in thick and fast and she does not want to upset her applecart by signing a movie just for the heck of it.

Way to go, Katrina!

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