I’m a fighter!                               Bombay Times |10/2/2005

I paid the price for a new Amisha and I’m enjoying it

Exactly five years ago, Amisha Patel surfaced on the filmi horizon. It may not have earned her rave reviews like it did her co-star Hrithik Roshan, but Kaho Na PyaarHai... was definitely a landmark film for the actress. Five Years is a long time in an industry driven by box-office success and Amisha has managed to hold her own, despite personal hurdles. The moolah has come in, so have personal problems. But tough as she is, she has moved on to new beginnings.

Speaking about the years gone by, Amisha says, “The journey has had a whirlwind of emotions attached to it, a whirlwind of experiences and most of the journey has been good. There have been a lot of ups and a lot of downs and every up and down has been a milestone in my life; a chapter that is very beautiful and memorable, whether good or bad." The pain on her face as she speaks is evident, so is the steely resolve. But friends like Vikram Bhatt, and a few family members, like her grandmother have stood by her in her trying times, and she is forever grateful for their support.

Ask her if she is sad that a good part of her has been severed and she is quick to reply, the pain evident in her eyes. “I guess it couldn’t have been a good part if people do this to you.” So is she bitter about the whole episode? “No. I’m just learning from it that ultimately you are alone and you have to fight. It has made me a stronger person today. I can say that’s the price I paid for a new Amisha and I’m enjoying it.”

And is she in touch with her brother, Ashmit, with whom she once shared a very close bonding? “No I’m not in touch with him,” is all that she says. Touch on the topic of marriage and she lets out a hearty laugh, “Not for atleast five to seven years. I have lots of good work to do.”

Moving on to a lighter subject, that of her new look, Amisha lightens up further. “There have been more people who have liked it than not,” she says referring to her coloured hair. “As an actress, you are expected to set trends, you are expected to look different all the time. You are expected to shoot the character you play and I’ve just done that.” How long before she goes black? “I cant say. I’m not blond anymore, I’m a brunette now,” she laughs adding “Maybe I’ll become pink or red next.”

Amisha may have gone through every kind of emotion in the last year but she has looked over to a new year and a new beginning. “I’m a fighter,” she signs off.

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