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You’re 30 and you’re still a virgin. Man, you’re not a freak! MARTIN D’SOUZA tells you why

You are all of 18 years and you still haven’t taken a ‘dip’. ‘Man, that must be crazy’. This is the oft-heard statement which ‘macho’ guys seem to be saying to those who are yet to explore ‘virgin’ territory. Now whether the so-called ‘macho’ guys have indeed gone ‘beyond’ is another matter altogether. It gets even weirder if you happen to touch 30 and have still not ‘ventured’. Guys who have ‘been there done that’ think you are a freak, or for that matter they think you have difficulty in getting it ‘up’. As for the girls, how would they know, unless you have told them or they have heard from the guys.

Either ways, it’s nice to see the expression on the faces from the opposite sex when you tell them you haven’t yet been to bed with a girl. Some find it cute while the others wonder if you are telling the truth!

This is for all the guys out there who are still holding onto their desires, waiting for the right girl to come their way; for guys to whom sex is not so much about hitting the sack with the first girl they meet. Nor is it leading a girl on with dinner dates and movies with the ultimate aim of eating the forbidden fruit. This if for the guys for whom dating is all about clean fun and not an opportunity to lose their virginity. And frankly, not all girls have ‘one’ thing in mind when they are with guys. Girls, you see, are more interested in getting emotionally attached before getting physically entangled. At least, for most of them.

Who would not want a long-lasting relationship when compared with a quick roll in the hay? Long lasting does not necessarily mean getting married; it can also mean being a friend for life!

So how does one deal with the barbs that come your way when your friends call you weird? Simple. You just be the way you have been all these years. No one needs to know what you do after 8! Of course, at times it’s frustrating meeting so many women (especially if you are outgoing) and not doing what many think is the done thing. But then, you want to bide your time and wait for the right one to come your way while you meet all those who come your way.

For many, sex may be the means to an end but for a lot many, it doesn’t work that way. Sex is about enjoying the union with the one you love; it’s not about making mistakes and fighting your conscience all night long. Honestly, how many guys out there can say that they are still friends with the girls they have had sex with? Your guess is as good as mine!

Being macho is not all about how many women you have gone to bed with. You see, it’s cool to be a virgin. So what if you are 30. Life is not all about screwing around after all!




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