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    Man on the run


The girl has spotted you and she’s chasing you. You politely want to ward off her advances. MARTIN D’SOUZA shows you how

She makes regular eye contact and tosses her hair…
Guys, you’re in for trouble; if you want to stay away that is! If you don’t, this is an open invitation from the girl. Well, she may just want to flirt without having sex on her mind, but when you get close and friction begins, there’s no saying where it may lead to. The best way to avoid an awkward situation would be to smile back and get back to your work. She may not get the hint and may try again, but keep at it, she’ll surely move on once you ‘cold shoulder’ her with a warm smile.

She finds ways of making way to where you are…
Once you are her focus of attention, she will find excuses to make conversation with you. She’ll lean a little offering a view of her amble bosom. You have difficulty tearing your eyes off. To add to your woes, there’s that familiar ache (you know where). But man, stand up; you have to put your foot down! Best way to skirt this issue would be to move a little behind, tell her she needs to button up and switch the conversation to other mundane issues. This will have her wondering if she has a problem. Of course, your problem of getting her off your back has been solved!

Your Inbox is jammed with her SMS’s….
She sends you those sexy one-liners like… “Dude you looking hot today… wots up?” You know what she wants, you ache to give it but then, you are a man of principles. No One Night Stands or casual flings for you. More importantly, you don’t like what you are seeing. Meaning, the girl is not your type. At the same time, you don’t want to hurt her feelings. Ignore those messages and if they still persist, send one saying she reminds you of her sister. That will have her running for cover for sure.

Every time she’s with you, she steers to a hot conversation…
Girls love to do this with the guy they take a liking to. To be honest, guys love to indulge in this soft ‘hot talk’ too. But then you are not wanting to go any further and she goes on about how great her assets are and the way men drool over her you know what! You want to add your two-bit too but hey, remember, you are a man of integrity and she’s definitely not your type. Smile sweetly, appear embarrassed and steer clear from the conversation. Tell her how nice the weather is and how you like to spend your evenings -- taking your grandma out for walks. This will surely dampen her spirit.

She finds innovative ways to touch you…
Things are fine between the two of you as you converse. But out of the blue, she reaches for your hand or just tries to make physical contact. Her hand lingers on yours for just that extra moment when she searches your eye for a reaction. You long to hold on. But remember, you want to let go. Tell her you have skin allergy.




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