The Saviour is waiting to enter your heart
Jesus answered: “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick; I have come to call not the righteous but sinners to repentance.” (Luke 51:31-32).

Today, I tell you the story of Luis Fernandes; a Goan like me who resides in Bombay. Christ lifted Luis from depths of his misery to a whole new life. Luis, who hails from Vella, near Pillar, is a new creation today. The power of the Holy Spirit flows from him and touches those who come in contact with him. His is a story that will touch a chord in everyone’s heart — young and old. Luis was once in the darkness. Today, he is in the LIGHT.

Let Luis tell his own story…
“As a kid when I was growing up in the suburbs of Bandra, I was like any other child. I too had choices to make and I don’t blame my friends for what I got into. I was just 16 years old when I experimented with drugs. Then came alcohol, girls, cheating, stealing. I have even stolen from religious places to get a hold of my fix! It was chaos at home as my folks did their best to hide things from me. I made life hell for them. My addiction led me to all kinds of institutions — even police stations.

Whenever I would visit the land of my ancestors, life would be one unending picnic — or so I thought. I would haunt Arambol Beach, Benaulim Beach, Colva Beach Candolim Beach, Mapuca Market, Margao Market, and Cuncolim to get my ‘fix’. If you visit these places even today, you will find youth loitering around there — aimlessly.

So how did my transformation come about? In the month of July, Mom was watching Benny Hinn’s programme on television. My eyes went to the television set as he was saying a prayer for the healing of addicts. As my life was a mess, I lifted my hands and I asked Jesus whether he could help me. And that night things changed. For the first time I prayed for three hours. I could see Jesus just next to me. I slept after that night for more than two days without water or any

Things changed from that day. I had never known a word of the Bible, but I have four Bibles at home today. The trap in which I was caught in for 18 long years has been released. Jesus has shown me the light and I am grateful to my “Sweetheart” Jesus for the mighty things He is doing in my life.
I am trying to reach out to all my friends and other addicts. I want my Lord to touch them, too. All you dear friends who are lost in this ‘haze’, there is good news. Call to Jesus. He WILL save you. He saved me.”

Yes friends, it’s people like you and Luis who Christ came in search of. It’s up to you to invite Jesus in your life. He is waiting… patiently. Why don’t you let Him come in…

Like the Gospel of Luke says... I have come to call not the righteous but sinners to repentance.

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