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Life is beautiful

The year 2002, has zipped past. Most of us were on a ‘Zip Drive’ so to speak. Caught up in the daily grind. Just a few more days and another year will unfold itself, to zip past yet again. Have we done what we set out to do when this year began? Have we patched up with those who we had a fight with? Have we got that dream job we set out in search of? Have we managed to find the husband/wife of our dreams? In short, have we managed to change our lives from the mundane routine we are all sucked into? Or have we just had another year where we were too busy with our work to find time for our family, friends or even a stranger in need.

Agreed, we all have our daily chores to deal with; the buses and trains to catch; the families to look after; the bills to pay (which inevitably grow larger and larger at the end of every month). The sheer will-power to make ends meet in this day and age is catching up on both, the young and old. Life ain’t fair, right?


Life is fair. All the time. The very fact that we are alive is a gift from God. The very fact that we wake up every morning to the sound of the chirping birds and swaying leaves is testimony to the fact that life is beautiful. There are few who love to live life to the fullest. By living it to the fullest does not mean ‘Living in the fast lane’. It means living a meaningful life wherein you are able to make a difference to the lives of those around you.

We think that we have the greatest problems on earth. That God is unkind and not bothered about our needs. But have you ever bothered to ask your neighbour how’s life? To inquire about his problems and health and how he or she is coping? If you have and then compared it with yours, I’m sure you have ended up saying, “I thought I was in a mess. But my neighbour’s life is tougher.”

Yes friends, we have to thank God for all the blessinsg He has showered upon us instead of looking at the negatives. Someone has rightly said, The past is gone, the future will be, but the present is a ‘Present’ from God.

Why not concentrate on the present times and see how you can make a difference to your life by reaching out to those in need. It works. Believe me. Try clothing those who are naked or feeding those who are hungry from the little or lot that you have. The joy you will see on the recipients’ faces is worth many thousand dollars. Above all, it leaves you feeling useful. It leaves you with the feeling that it is YOU and YOU alone who can make a difference to your life.

Let’s try and stop changing those around us. The friend with that irritable behaviour, that abusive colleague or temperamental boss. Instead, let’s look inside and change for the better. The surroundings will automatically change.

Yes, life is beautiful!



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