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  DR. LUIGI MACALUSO : President of Girard Perregaux and the Sowind Group

Dr Luigi Macaluso, President of Girard Perregaux and the Sowind Group is no ordinary man. His feats are legendary, both in the profession he presently is in and on the race track where he has spent the better part of his youth. His love for sport, motor racing in particular, has had a strong influence on his life. In 1972, he won the coveted title of European Rally Champion at the wheel of a 124 Fiat Abarth. In 1985, he became a member of the Club Italia, a non-profit association to promote the history and heritage of classic Italian cars. So where does the adrenalin flow more, racing or making watches? The gentle man, who speaks softly smiles sweetly and says, “I think it’s both.”
  The Italian Connection  
  The famous Salvatore Ferragamo label has made its official stop in India with a store in Mumbai. There are plans to open 10 more stores in this country in the next five years says Fulvia Ferragamo Visconti. The Vice-President of Salvatore Ferragamo, Italia SpA, spoke to Martin D’Souza
  The booming fake industry
The counterfeit industry is booming, and according to many from the industry, “They (the fake market) are doing a good job.” But not everyone is seeing the funny side of it. While some contend that people want to get a feel of luxury by sporting a Rolex, Rado or for that matter even an Omega without having to shell out a fortune, others say that there is nothing like the ‘feel’ of an original.
  Sanjay Kapoor’s tryst with Fashion…  
An MBA from the University of Rochester in the United States, I commenced my career with the Citibank at Singapore and later moved to India. Despite being a successful banker armed with a management degree, I was bitten by the restlessness bug. When you have been blessed with a restless mind that wants fresh challenges, then a switchover from working for an organisation to creating an organisation happens very naturally. Hence I decided to take up the challenge of making a place for myself in the fashion world.
  BREITLING : Jean-Paul Girardin - Vice President  
  Breitling is quite established worldwide in Europe and Asia, especially in Japan. In India, we still have our homework to do. When Breitling does something, Breitling does it properly so we will do that step by step.  
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  DR RUBY DHALLA, the youngest woman in the Canadian Parliament and the first South Asian chosen to federal political office in all of North America, in a candid chat with MARTIN D’SOUZA
  Will the real Suhel please stand up!  
  Adman, lecturer, author, columnist, businessman… Many roles, one man. Suhel Seth, founder, Equus Redcell, in conversation with Martin d’Souza

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  Taste the bunder  
  As the cola wars hot up the consumers are going into a fizzy tizzy, writes Martin D’Souza  
  `Inspiration' bug plagues fashion industry  
  Rina Dhaka, Tarun Tahiliani, J J Valaya showcase similar designs. Who's the original?  
  Weaker sex? You've got to be kidding!  
  Not when 14 women are in charge of this ad agency  
  By God's Grace!  
  R Gopalakrishnan, Executive Director, Tata Sons Limited, receives the prestigious Bombay Management Association's `Management Man Of The Year Award' today. Here, he tells Martin D'Souza that being talented alone is not enough...  
  Fresh and peppy!  
  Being young has a lot of advantages. You are open and have a lot of fresh ideas which you need now in such a competitive market, Schauna Chauhan tells Martin D'Souza  
  Column : Goa Plus. Times of India  
  Life is beautiful  
  The year 2002, has zipped past. Most of us were on a ‘Zip Drive’ so to speak. Caught up in the daily grind. Just a few more days and another year will unfold itself, to zip past yet again...  
  The Saviour is waiting to enter your heart
  Jesus answered: “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick; I have come to call not the righteous but sinners to repentance.” (Luke 51:31-32).  

Column : Vanities. Rouge

  Untying the knots  
  Afraid of tying the knot? Worried your freedom will be curbed? Marriage is not so bad provided you have found the woman of your dreams. Martin D’Souza walks down the aisle…  
  Man on the run  
  The girl has spotted you and she’s chasing you. You politely want to ward off her advances. MARTIN D’SOUZA shows you how  
  On virgin island
  You’re 30 and you’re still a virgin. Man, you’re not a freak! MARTIN D’SOUZA tells you why  
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